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It's not accidental

Process Oriented

Process Oriented

Having the best talents onboard is great, but we do not solely rely on individual talent. We developed processes to guarantee that we deliver outstanding results for each client.

Result Driven

Result Driven

We assess business success with reliable data, analytics, and reports.

Tailor Fit Services

Tailor Fit Services

We prioritize understanding our clients’ needs before crafting any offers in order to ensure that clients receive solutions that actually matter.

Make it Count

SEO Strategy

In order to respond to platform updates, we use an innovative approach to our keyword research, link-building, technical SEO, local SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO strategies.

Email Marketing

We gather information and assess the effectiveness of email campaign in order to help you in optimizing your emails and utilizing your qualified lead list to increase sales.

Website Development

We help create websites with tailored features, custom CMS, Magento-powered stores, and integrated payment gateways for your business goals.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We analyze client objectives, identify funnel areas needing improvement, and devise strategies through data-driven analysis and A/B split testing



Key Challenge

OutOfAir encountered difficulty with a low lead volume and needed to increase website traffic to get more qualified leads to nurture and convert to sales.


OutOfAir worked with the LuzCommerce team and came up with a tailored marketing strategy including SEO, email marketing, and website development. OutOfAir achieved year-round all-time high increased organic traffic of 15.74% and a significant growth in email subscription, search impressions and revenue.


OutOfAir is an eCommerce store that sells vacuum sealing bags. It started in the year 2015.

Organic Traffic
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Growth in Email Subscription
Search Impressions
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Increased Revenue
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About Us

Hello, I’m Vernard!

Having an online business of my own, I saw the importance of building a presence online. I realize that after coming up with a helpful product, the next big step is determining how it can reach the people I want to help.

With this thought in mind, LuzCommerce is born.

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