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Email Automations for eCommerce (2023): The All-in-one Guide

If you’re running an eCommerce business, email automation is a surefire way of increasing your engagement and conversion rate. In a minute, I’ll show you why Email marketing for ecommerce is a great addition to your marketing tools. Here’s the deal… And if you want to make your life sooooo much easier, setting up Email Automations is the best way

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How to delegate your eCommerce business

I remember the first day of starting up my very own eCommerce business.  I had to do everything myself from researching the product, setting up the Shopify store, editing the video, to running the ads.  And let me tell you…  It wasn’t easy being a one-man army. And after all that, I started getting a lot of comments and chats

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10 AI Tools for the Perfect Product Image

In this digital age, AI has been prevalent in all kinds of industries from generating text to images and even voices. Now, even small businesses can tap into the AI trend and achieve jaw-dropping results. The first thing potential customers see when they buy a product is the product image. This can make or break an ecomm business’ sales. Unlike

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Step Up Your Business: Build A Website

One of the best ways to step up your business is to build a website to accomplish numerous digital marketing strategies that can help with your business growth. These several key points are to consider prior to creating a website for your business. 1. Identify the main purpose of your website Identifying the main goal of your business is the

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Simple Ways to Start Branding Your Business

You might be considering launching your own business, perhaps starting with a brand logo. But how to get one? You can create one on your own with our simple and quick guide to jumpstart your visual branding, including your logo. 1. Choose you company name There is much more to naming your company than just coming up with a name

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