10 AI Tools for the Perfect Product Image

In this digital age, AI has been prevalent in all kinds of industries from generating text to images and even voices. Now, even small businesses can tap into the AI trend and achieve jaw-dropping results.

The first thing potential customers see when they buy a product is the product image. This can make or break an ecomm business’ sales.

Unlike with a physical store where the customer can touch the product and talk to salespeople about it, their only touch point with the product online is the product image and description.

That’s why it’s important to have a clean, professional product shot. But the expenses can stack up since you might need to hire a professional photographer; maybe even a studio, and models (depending on your budget).

What’s more? You’ll have to do it all over again when you have a new product. 🙁

That’s why it’s a good idea to look into emerging technologies that could help reduce costs, especially for small businesses.

One area where AI truly shines is in generating picture-perfect product visuals. 

Imagine AI conjuring up stunning backgrounds, effortlessly cleaning and cutting out product shots, and even bringing them to life with virtual models holding or using the products.

There are many different ways it can prove useful to businesses.

Curious to see just how far AI can take us, we took on the ultimate challenge: a non-clean shot of the iconic red Air Jordan 1 classics. We wanted to know how far AI can go with cleaning and interpreting this picture. Don’t worry, we tested out 10 AI tools so you don’t have to!

(Pic sourced from: sotheby’s)

1. Creator Kit

The hand is still in the picture but the finger is cut off. So it’s recommended to have a clean product shot with minimal clutter when using this AI. But it looks very good, and the backgrounds are unique. What I noticed is that they made the red brighter than in the original picture. So it also enhances the product picture quality.

2. Pixelcut

The generated pictures include the hand in the picture, but much cleaner-looking than Creator Kit. One comment I have though is that the colors were not enhanced to be a striking shade of red.

3. Booth AI

This AI program has lots of options for generating images. However, you need to be on their paid subscription in order to upload your own product photos. This is the kind of software you need to get a subscription for before you’re able to try it out on your product.

The good news is that this AI program has a “when worn” option, which is beneficial for fashion brands. They have default products like these gray shoes to try their AI prompts with.

4. Pebblely

Pebblely gives the option to edit what’s included in the picture. However, the editing tool included with this tends to add or remove parts of the picture, and can be quite laggy. 

With a little patience though, you can make your selection much more precise compared to other AI programs, especially if you don’t have the option of taking a clean product picture.

5. adcreative 

To try out AdCreative, you need to sign up for their free trial. You’re given a total of 10 free credits upon sign up. However, you will need to enter your credit card to avail of it. 

6. Dream Studio

Using the “Generate button”:

Using the “Generate button”:

Dream Studio is a bit tricky to work with because of the settings. It took me three tries and it kept producing what was essentially the photo I submitted, but still charging me credits for it. This is using the “Generate” button. 

And when using the “Edit” button, the images that come out can look bizarre and out of place. You’ll need to spend quite a few credits to make a worthwhile image. 

But there are fans of Dream Studio that swear by this program. It does have settings and options not present in other AI programs. So with a little tweaking, you can produce great results. 

You start out with 25 free credits.

7. zeg AI

This AI is unique in that it produces 3D images from your product. However, after I submitted an image, I got a notification that they will get back to me via email. I didn’t receive

Here’s a preview of how their product works:

8. Unbound

They have a lot of tools so you’ll need to dig on the website to find this one. You need to subscribe to upload your own image. But the renders are very clean. I sampled their program using their existing images. This looks like a good option.

9. Deep image AI

You get 5 credits to start with. This AI enhances your product pictures and adjusts the size and ratio for various ecommerce platforms.

10. Vue AI 

You need to “request a demo” to get access. Access is given via email. It can take a while to receive this access. But this AI makes realistic product pictures and also “when worn” images. It looks very professional and you might want to give their paid subscription a go with these results.

We’ve reviewed all ten AI tools for making product images. And from testing each tool, personally, I would highly suggest trying out Creator Kit and Pebblely. Both of them are easy to use and come with free credits. The AI prompts also come up with truly unique backgrounds that would easily make your product pop out.

I hope this list gives you a good idea of what you can accomplish by using AI tools to help you with your business. That’s it! You can start creating picture perfect product images personalized by AI.


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