Simple Ways to Start Branding Your Business

You might be considering launching your own business, perhaps starting with a brand logo.

But how to get one?

You can create one on your own with our simple and quick guide to jumpstart your visual branding, including your logo.

1. Choose you company name

There is much more to naming your company than just coming up with a name you like.

How to choose a company name and what makes it good for your business?

A good name for your business reflects the company’s identity and objectives. A good company name helps you present and advertise your company more effectively.

However, choosing a name for your company is a crucial decision. Taking consideration to other names is very important prior to purchasing and investing in business materials.

These might help you create a more effective company name.

    1. Follow the naming guidelines in your area
    2. Choose a name that is not identical to your competitors
    3. Be sure to use words that are easy to remember and not used on other website domains
    4. Settle for a unique yet balance company name that suits your brand
    5. Make your company name convenient and limitless

2. Choose your color palette

Colors can quickly communicate a message to its viewers. This makes a color palette have a great impact on your business.

Your brand’s color palette is a major factor in all of your marketing materials.

Check the following when choosing the most appropriate color palette for your brand.

    1. Explore color meanings and its emotions
    2. Experiment different colors with color palette tools online
    3. Search for inspirations or pegs
    4. Choose which of the palette is your primary or main, secondary or accent, and neutral colors
    5. Test your color palette using the 60-30-10 rule

3.Design your logo

A brand logo can improve your progress and help you grow better. Creating a company logo is also important because this is the very first expectation of your audience. This will also serve as the foundation of your brand identity.

What makes a good and effective brand logo? 

These five essential elements can help you in designing an effective brand logo.

    1. Simple logos are easily recognizable
    2. Memorable logos pop up to mind just by hearing its company name
    3. Timeless logos are long-lasting.
    4. Versatile logos work well at any size and color
    5. Appropriate logos “reach out” and “talk” to its audience

4. Choose your typography

Typography is also important in branding because it adds value to its text. 

Additionally, It is also important because of these following reasons:

    1. Provides the audience a variety of messages
    2. Creates hierarchy which helps the audience quickly understand what to pay more attention to.
    3. Makes an impact and develops a powerful brand recognition
    4. Exhibits the personality, mood, and tone of the brand
    5. Creates harmony and visual consistency across all platforms

5. Use consistently

When visual branding is used consistently, the audience develops a sense of trust in your brands and this trust results in more favorable impressions of your brand.

Consistent branding improves your business with these benefits:

    1. Audience recognize your brand;
    2. Build a connection with your brand; and
    3. Your brand influences the audience’s perception more clearly


As discussed, you can now get your logo! It may be too crucial for now, but it will definitely help you build your business as well as your brand.

You can now create your own brand.. Or if you are too busy with your business-related activities, we can help you have not just your logo but your branding done!


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